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Inside ABC Thursday, October 8, 1998

Vengeance Unlimited: What's the deal with Mr. Chapel's cool vintage car? Secret Lives of Men Dying to know what their secrets are? You ask & we'll answer. The Drew Carey Show: Join us behind-the-scenes at Drew’s band tryouts with Slash. Dharma & Greg: Is the honeymoon over? Hardly! Two of a Kind: Having trouble telling them apart? We've got the tips on who's who.

8:00 pm Vengeance Unlimited
Corrupt law enforcers plant drugs on tourists.

9:00 pm Columbo: Ashes To Ashes starring Peter Falk. Lt. Columbo's assigned when gossip reporter disappears.
11:35 pm Nightline
with Ted Koppel.
12:05 am Politically Incorrect
with Bill Maher. Dylan McDermott guests.
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SuperSoap Weekend Brother's Keeper Cupid
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to SuperSoap Weekend!
We'd be charmed if you
took the SuperSoap
Face-to-Face Challenge.
Sean O'Bryan's
a TV football player,
but a real-life fan.
Get his season picks.
Fridays at 9:30pm ET
We've got the scoop
on the other "Piven"
in this week's
episode of Cupid.
Saturdays at 10:00pm ET

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